Counseling and Assessment Services
Clients can receive therapy services &
assessment service
Therapy at FACS:
  • Is offered to individuals, couples,  groups and families,  
  • Supports and strengthens relationships
  • Empowers and enables parents and caregivers to assume their roles in the family
  • Helps the individual develop skills for personal growth and development
Psychological assessments at FACS:
  • Children, adolescents and adults can obtain psychological assessments, which are conducted in order to:
  • Identify the client’s strengths Provide recommendations to address challenge
  • Understand the stressors that are currently problematic in the client’s life
  • Recommend resources to support the client in making lasting changes
How can the agency help?
Our counseling services can help you make the
changes you want to make in your life by
enhancing your personal growth and
Do I qualify?
Anyone facing difficult situations, changes in life
circumstances or traumatic events can find
counseling helpful.
Do I need a referral?
No referral is needed to participate in our
Counseling Program, unless required by your
insurance plan.
How much does it cost?
We participate in Traditional Medicare,
Medicaid, and Private Insurance. As with most
insurance, co-payments would apply.
How do I get started?
Just call the Agency and ask to speak with one
of our intake workers (908-352-7474) who will help you get
Is there anything else you can tell me
about your service?
Our highly trained staff is here to help you when
you need it. We provide a comprehensive range
of services to meet the needs of the community
Larry is a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. He had to have many medical procedures and treatments. His parents were divorced and he lived with each of them for part of the week, a transition which was often stressful for him. Larry presented with intense anxiety when he began counseling. The
therapist met with him and his parents separately and jointly. Therapeutic play techniques were used to help Larry express his thoughts and feelings about his illness and about his family situation. His parents worked together with the therapist on co- parenting issues so that they could provide a unified parenting approach. They were encouraged to share information with one another about Larry, including his medical status and school
performance, so that they could make decisions regarding Larry together. As a result of their participation in sessions, his parents became able to talk to with him to identify and understand what issues were causing anxiety for him. At the time that the individual/family therapy sessions concluded, Larry and his parents reported a significant reduction in his anxiety. They also reported an improvement in their ability

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